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Stealth Chat Bot

Post  The[Knight] on Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:38 pm

First of all download Stealth 2.7.1 here:

Save the file to the folder of your choice.

Run the Executable, then follow the instillation guide.

Once the instillation is finished, run the Stealth Bot Launcher.

Create a profile with the preferred name of your bot, then launch it.

Once launched go to the top tabs and click on >Settings, >Bot Settings.

Once this Window is open click on >Step-by-Step Configuration

This should be simple enough, just fill in everything the way you want.

Once this is done, on the same >Bot Settings Window, go to >Greet Message Settings, on the left side of the Window.

Check both boxes at the top, then in the box do a message like:
Welcome %0 to The Army of Knights. Your ping is %p.

After this click >Apply and you are ready to try and connect your bot.

Go to the top tabs and click >Connect...if it freezes up on the first few steps just click connect again.

When and if you are able to get the bot to work, your next step should be to get plugins.

While in the BotChat Window, type /updates ... a list of available plugins will appear.

If you want any of these plugins, look at there prefix, then type /getplugin (prefix)

For Example: /getplugin st will get you trivia for your bot.

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