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Now I'm sure most of you are wondering, what's the difference between GhostOne and GHost++?
Well the main difference is that GHost++ uses what's called C++ which is a programming, language? Where GHostOne uses GUI (General user interface) for it's programming. GHostOne was originally designed as a program used to run GHost++ which it basically does now. The difference in the settings between the two are very small. Some say GHost++ is better some say GHostOne is.
Personally I think GHostOne is better as it's much easier to edit and use although GHostOne does not work on RoC.
So here it goes I guess, a small guide for how to set up GHost++

NOTE: It is very similar to the Mac Host bot setup but there are somethings which aren't the same and must be pointed out.

Download GHost++ 16.2 here:

Step 1 - 32bit or 64bit system
How to tell if you're using a 32bit or 64bit operatign system? Go here and do what the smarties from Microsoft tell you to do.
Once you have determined if you are 32 or 64 you must do one of the following:

If you're 32 bit:
1.Download the Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) here:
2. If you do not have notepad downloaded you must get it now in order to continue.

If you're 64 bit:
1.Download the Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x64) here:
2.Same as with 32 bit

Step 2 - File extension viewing

A) For Windows Vista or newer:

B) For Windows XP or older:
1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
2. Open Folder Options in Control Panel.
3. Click Appearance and Themes, and then press Folder Options.
4. On the View tab, clear the Hide extensions for known file types checkbox

Step 4 - Set up GHost++

Now go to the folder in which you extracted the GHost++ and open the file called 'ghost.cfg'. Once in there the following lines MUST be edited:
1 )
### the path to your local Warcraft III directory
### this path must contain war3.exe, storm.dll, and game.dll
### this path must end in your system's path seperator (i.e. "\" on Windows or "/" on Linux)
### if this path contains War3Patch.mpq the bot will attempt to extract "Scripts\common.j" and "Scripts\blizzard.j" on startup and write them to bot_mapcfgpath (which is defined later in this file)
### common.j and blizzard.j are only required for automatically calculating map_crc, you do not need them if your map config files already contain map_crc
bot_war3path = C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\ <---This must be edited to where the files are.
2 )
### the path to the directory where you keep your map files (must end in your system's path seperator)
### GHost++ doesn't require map files but if it has access to them it can send them to players and automatically calculate most map config values
### GHost++ will search [bot_mappath + map_localpath] for the map file (map_localpath is set in each map's config file)
bot_mappath = maps\
3 )
This is the server that you want your bot to connect to:
bnet_server =
4 )
### your Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos CD key
5 )
### your Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne CD key
6 )
### your username <---- Must be already made
bnet_username =
### your password <---- Has to be the password of the account above.
bnet_password =
7 )
### the root admin on this server only
bnet_rootadmin =
8 )
### BNLS server information for Warden handling (see readme.txt for more information)
### you will need to use a valid BNLS server here if you are connecting to an official realm or you will be disconnected every two minutes
bnet_bnlsserver = localhost
bnet_bnlsport = 9367

GHost++ normally needs it’s own set of WarCraft III CD Keys. If you plan to have GHost++ setup with the same CD key set as WarCraft III then these options in must also be configured.
### whether to create the admin game or not (see readme.txt for more information)
admingame_create = 0
### the admin game password
admingame_password =

These lines should be taken note of, but shouldn't need to be changed except for troubleshooting purposes.
1 )
### the log file
bot_log = ghost.log
2 )
### the port GHost++ will host games on (this must be different from your admingame_port)
bot_hostport = 6112 <- Must be different to your Wc3 port AND the admin game port!
3 )
### command trigger for ingame only ( command triggers are defined later)
bot_commandtrigger = !
4 )
### the path to the directory where you keep your map config files (must end in your system's path seperator)
### this directory can also contain common.j and blizzard.j (extracted from War3Patch.mpq)
### common.j and blizzard.j are only required for automatically calculating map_crc, you do not need them if your map config files already contain map_crc
bot_mapcfgpath = mapcfgs\
5 )
### the maximum combined download speed of all players downloading the map (in KB/sec)
bot_maxdownloadspeed = 100
6 )
### auto kick players with ping higher than this
bot_autokickping = 400
7 )
### the default map (the .cfg is added automatically).
bot_defaultmap = dota6.59d
8 )
### the port GHost++ will host the admin game on (this must be different from your bot_hostport)
admingame_port = 6113 <- Musn't be same as the bot_hostport!
9 )
### command trigger for this server only. This isn't the same as the other one.
bnet_commandtrigger = !
10 )
### the first channel to join upon entering be changed)
bnet_firstchannel = The Void
11 )
Shouldn't be changed, unless you're connecting your bot to a specific Warden server.
bnet_bnlswardencookie = 1
12 )
### you will need to edit this section of the config file if you're connecting to a PVPGN server
### your PVPGN server operator will tell you what to put here
bnet_custom_war3version = 24
bnet_custom_exeversion =
bnet_custom_exeversionhash =
bnet_custom_passwordhashtype =

NOTE: For GHost++ V 16 and newer you can get your bot to work for RoC! To do this just change the bot_tft = 1 line to bot_tft = 0. If you're using GHostOne then just add that line to the ghost.cfg file!

EDIT: The new GHost++ contains a ghost.cfg which is slightly more organised than the previous ones. Some lines are different, some are same and there are some new ones. Due to the fact that it is more organised you should be able to figure out what to edit by yourself.

The other lines aren't very important and don't have to be edited to make GHost++ work. Although unless you know what you are doing I would recommend that you do NOT edit them.
Once you have changed all the lines save the ghost.cfg and close it. Launch GHost++ now and if it shows up on you did everything right. But if it doesn't try checking the things you edited such as the CD key, etc.. If that doesn't help either refer to the F.A.Q of GHost++ here:

I would also recommend that you read the readme.txt which can be found here:

NOTE: If you wish to make the bot work for RoC (You can only do this with 16.2), you must change the bot_tft = 1 to bot_tft = 0.

Step 6 - Common error
Sometimes it happens that once you make a game with GHost++ that other people can join, but you can't. In order to fix that you must set up your ports. To do this go to this link and follow the instructions step by step:

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