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Post  The[Knight] on Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:21 pm

Well basically BNU ( Underground) bot is the only Java based bot out there and since it uses Java it's supported by Mac users aswell. It's a very simple and nice bot to have and use with most of it's functions (such as Trivia) already built in the bot so you don't need to make a big fuss about setting it up.

BNU bot is currently being developed by a dude called Scott that can be found here

Where to get BNU Bot?
You can download BNU Bot.exe from this link and then run it and follow the setup that the install wizard shows you:

What you need in order to run BNU
One of the main and most important things that you need for BNU is Java. If you're not sure if you have Java installed on your computer you can go to this link:


And then press the 'Do I have Java'. And it will take you to a different page where it shows if you do have Java or if you don't. If you do then exit the site and continue reading but if you don't just click on the 'Free Download Java' button. Follow the installation until it's finished.

2. OSX 10.4 (tiger) or newer (ONLY FOR MACS)

You must have OSX 10.4 (Tiger) or newer. If you are using an older version of OSX, you can't run Java 5 programs. There are no plans to add support in the future.

Setting it up

Download the Bot from the link above. Open the file and follow the installation wizard. Note that at one point of the installation they will ask you where to save the Bot files to, you can save them anywhere although I recommend that you should save them in one of your main hard disk drives (For Windows the most used one is C:\Program Files).
Although This may be confusing to OSX users, as the installer will create an Application one directory deeper than one might expect.
Once the installation is done launch the bot.
As soon as you do this a so called 'Database Wizard' will open another screen for you which will ask you to fill in the bot information (Account name, CD-Keys, etc..). The Wizard will contain information on how to properly fill in the information required.

Bot Commands

For a list of the bot commands check out this link:


1. Enable the TriviaEventHandler in the Settings window.

2. Locate the trivia folder:

2a.For OSX

Locate the BNUBot application. Option+click on it, and select Show Package Contents from the dropdown list. If there is no folder named trivia, you may create it.

2b.For all other OSes

Locate the folder containing BNUBot.jar. If there is no folder named trivia, you may create it.

3. Place the trivia files in the trivia folder. The bot accepts trivia in the following formats:

To use it simply type "!trivia on" where ! is your trigger. To turn it off, type "!trivia off". To view the leaderboard, type "!trivia score".

You now have Trivia setup and working for your bot.

Questions and Answers regarding Trivia:

Q.1: Where is the trivia folderand what do we add the files as?
A.1: You may have to make a trivia folder yourself; place it in the same loactions as settings.ini - in OSX, right click on the application and select show package contents.
The bot will accept any filename in the folder.

Q.2: Do you have to put your own questions or does it have some?
A.1: You must provide your own.

That basically should explain everything. Of course, if you need more help check out this webpage:
It probably contains the answers to any of your questions in one of the posts; make sure you look carefully!

Also note that most of the stuff I wrote here can be found on this website
So if I missed something out make sure you let me know!

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