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Mirage Chat Bot

Post  The[Knight] on Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:02 pm

Some of you will surely not be able to set up StealthBot so you'll most likey refer to Mirage chat bot. To help you int his process you can just read this guide and everything should hopefully be explained.

Download Mirage Chat Bot v 9.3
Download it here: http://miragebot.googlecode.com/files/9.3.1850.exe

Setting it up

Once you have installed the bot open it all up. Once that has been done press on "Profiles" and then press "New Profile". Choose a name and press OK. Now a new window should appear. In the window press "+Config" under the 'Connections' part. Now enter all the things that you need too: username, password,etc..

Help on filling in the information:
Battle.net Server: (Select the server using the dropdown that you would like to connect to)
BNLS Server: jbls.org
Account: (Name)
Password: (Here is where you select the password to use for this account)
New Password: (Do not use this, this is only for if you decide to change the bots password AFTER you have made the account.)
Product: (This depends on the type of CD Key you are going to use. I use Starcraft: Brood War, because my cd keys are for that game.)
CD Key: This is where you enter the above talked about CD key. (even StarCraft CD keys won't get disconnected with MirageBot(see Below))
VerByte: This will be the only controversial one. I have always left this blank. And it works. But the verbytes if this doesn't work for you are as follows(If I'm not mistaken):
Stacraft VerByte=D3
Brood War VerByte=D3
WArcraft Bnet Edition=4F
Diablo 2=0C
DIablo 2 LOD=0C
Warcraft3 TFT=17
Home Channel: (The channel you would like to automatically join after connecting to Battle.net)
Registration: I use: Do Not Register. What this means is, when you use your bot to make a new account(if you do) you are telling the bot to use an email that you enter in the line under this part to register the account to that E-mail. "Do Not Register" decides to skip this step.

After the information has been filled in click "Save Settings". After that press F2 or go to 'Bot' -> 'Connect'.If everything was entered correctly, you will connect to Battle.net, and be sent to the Home Channel you selected earlier. If this doesn't work, I would suggest changing up the VerByte or taking another look through the 'Configuration' part and checking that everything you entered was correct.

Plugins and Scripts
In order to get new plugins and/or scripts, in the main bot window,
1) For plugins: go to "Customize" and then "Enable Plugin". Once there scroll all the way down and press "Get More Plugins...". This should take you to www.bnetdev.net/plugins/ where you can find different plugins.
2) For scripts: go to "Customize" and the "Enable Script". Once there scroll all the way down and press "Get More Scripts...". This should take you to www.bnetdev.net/scripts/ where you can find different scripts.

Well that basically covers it all up. For more info just go to www.bnetdev.net where you can find alot of hlep and support.

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